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Langkawi Oriental Village

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oriental3.jpg (16999 bytes)Sited around a beautiful lake against a spectacular mountain backdrop, the Langkawi Oriental Village is a bustling, fun-filled, self contained Malaysian and Asian-styled tourist attraction. Located at Tanjung Burau, close to major resorts, the Village offers many attractions for local and international tourists.

  Walk through the specially designed entrance gates and be ready for non stop activity.

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Be entertained by an exotic snake charmer, jugglers, silat displays, traditional music, kite flying demonstrations, palmistry, portrait painting. Four restaurants, a food court, surau, and a comfortable inn provides everything a visitor needs.

oriental01.jpg (12748 bytes) Malay cuisine in a Malay home
A Malay restaurant designed to resemble a traditional Malay house so that customers can enjoy authentic Malay cuisine within the ambience of cool, comfortable surrounds.

oriental02.jpg (11454 bytes) Authentic Thai food
Enjoy a sumptuous Thai meal within the ambience of unique Thai architecture.


oriental03.jpg (12452 bytes) A Japanese delight
From Sushi, Sashimi to teppanyaki, customers can enjoy superb Japanese dishes in a tranquil Japanese-styled setting.


oriental04.jpg (11222 bytes)Chinese Restaurant
Exquisite Oriental cuisine Oriental motifs, outside and inside, accentuate the overall design element of the Chinese restaurant. Excellent Chinese cuisine.


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