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Legenda Park

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Langkawi’s Legend Garden was built based on the indigenous idea of The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad. It was officially opened to public on the 27th April 1996 after a construction period of 2 years. .

Langkawi’s Legend Garden was designed by Tuan Syed Ahmad Ibrahim from the Syed Ahmad Ibrahim Architect Firm. In general, the Garden expounds the tourist concept to show the mythical and legendary heritage which remains the core of Langkawi’s allure.

The garden, which covers an area of 50 acres is built on reclaimed land and costs approximately RM 37 million. It is beautifully landscaped with 4 lakes, a lagoon and a beach.


Situated by the sea shore, 400 metres from Kuah Jetty beside the CHOGM Park and Al-Hana Mosque.


taman03.jpg (6328 bytes)The uniqueness of Langkawi lies in its legendary heritage that has become a tourist attraction par excellence.

In world geological history, all of earth’s region was separated due to formations of new seas and the drying up of old ones. In the Cambrian age, more than 500 million years ago, there was a big region named Gondwana which was situated in the South Pole, while the other smaller regions and islands are situated near to the Tropical Line and the North Pole. Soon, the Gondwana Region began to go through tectonic separation to form smaller regions and islands such as Africa, Australia, India and definitely Langkawi.


Situated to the South-Western region of Langkawi, the mountain area behindtaman02.jpg (7805 bytes) Teluk Burau from Teluk Datai to Teluk Buta, the formation of Gondwana is simply fascinating and differ from other landscapes in Langkawi. Standing tall near Tanjung Buta, Gunung Matchinchang which contains different types of rocks covers a big portion of the Gondwana Mountains. The steepness of the mountain area shows how great the tectonic pressures can be. In all of 23,000 islands in the South-East Asia, not one can pose a challenge to the geological beauty of the Langkawi Islands.

legend1.jpg (73464 bytes)THE RISE OF LANGKAWI

The execution of Mahsuri is buried deep within Langkawi’s history and till now, it is almost two centuries old. Are all the sufferings and misfortunes of the people in Langkawi just a coincidence? Did Mahsuri’s curse really come true? If so, has the suffering of seven generations in Langkawi ended? Was it all just fairy tales? Who’d ever know?

However, the discovery of Mahsuri’s seventh generation descendants further confirms the ancient belief that Mahsuri really exists and her curse has finally ended. It now marks a new beginning for Langkawi that is in the midst of intense development.

The frequent visit of tourists and VIPs resemble the visits of royalties in olden times to witness the beauty of Langkawi.

Ticket Prices
The entrance ticket to Langkawi’s History Garden is RM5.00 (Adults) and RM2.50 (Children ). Group Visitors ( 15 tourists or more ) are given a 10% discount.

Visiting Hours
The Langkawi Legendary Garden is open everyday from 8 am in the morning to 11 pm at night.

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