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Caves in Langkawi

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Gua Kelawar
Named after its inhabitants,the Malaysian fuit bats, this cave is located along the Kilim River. Accessible only by boat, you can then walk along a wooden platform through a mangrove swamp, leading directly to the cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are of gigantic proportions, forming weird figures reminiscent of other-worldly creatures.

Gua Dangli
Entered from the sea at low tide, the cave reveals a fabulous array of stalactites. Giant limestone curtains, umbrellas and mushrooms also spring out of the sculptured walls.The chamber tunnels up to a small hole, exiting into a bamboo forest where a second cave is located about 30 metres up a slope.

Gua Buaya
This cave is unique in that the Kilim River actually flows right through it, navigable by a small boat at low tide.View the limestone formations and colonies of bats,although the "buaya" or terrifring man-eating creatures of swamp no longer lurk

Gua Cerita
Easily accessible by boat from Tanjung Rhu, the cave can be reached with a climb up a wooden ladder.Legend has Gua Cerita or "Cave of Legends" is linked with the mystical Battle of the Big Birds. It was here apparently that the Princess of China was kidnapped and held captive. Faintly legible on the walls of the cave are some ancient inscriptions, said to be verses from the Holy Koran.                                                                     

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Gua Pasir Dagang
Nestled on the coast of Pulau Dayang Bunting,this cave is very accessible with the boat ride passing by some very echanting island.This is one of the most intriguing caves,with the stalagmites forming bizarre figures that boggle the mind.

Gua Balai
Around the cave is an abundance of trees,creepers, ferns and palms, providing a pleasant and serene environment.Stalactites and not stalagmites are predominant,with a huge serpent-like one hanging down from the roof.

Gua Layang
Accessible from Kuah by land, the cave is dome-shaped and lined with oddly-shaped white and grey limestone, with a huge serpent-like stalactites hanging down as if guarding the cave's secrets.

Gua Landak
A few minutes' drive from Kuah, this is the most accessible cave on the island. Its fairly large chamber contains an exquisite variety of stalactites and stalagmites with fascinating formations.                                                                       

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Gua Tok Sabong
This cave has some of the most impressive stalactites and stalagmites in all of Langkawi, many of which are as attractive as quality marble.Thousands of bats roost within, shrieking through without hitting anything.

Gua Siam
Located at Sungai Batu Gajah in the heart of a mangrove swamp, the cave rests in a limestone hill. Skeletal remains of humans, animals and primitive tools have been discovered here, although the age of the bones has yet to be ascertained.

Gua Langsiar
On the western coast of Pulau Dayang Bunting, this "Cave of the Banshee" is recommended only to serious cavers with mountain climbing experience as the ascent to the cave demands great climbing skill and absolute physical fitness. Surprisingly, there is an absence of stalactites and stalagmites. Instead, the huge gloomy chambers are permeated with lurking shadows, reinforcing the superstition that the cave is haunted by the spirit of a woman who, like Dracula, lives on the blood of humans.

Gua Pinang
Located off a tributary at Kuala Kubang Badak, this cave is situated in an area which was under the sea thousands of years ago, as indicated by the abundance of ancient seashells embedded in the cave walls.

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