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Getting around the island

Vehicle Rentals
The extensive network of good roads provide easy accessibility to every part of the main island. Car rentals are easily available either at the Airport or at Kuah town and cost around RM60.00 to RM 120.00 per day,depending on the age and model of the vehicle.
Motorcycles of all shapes and sizes can be rented for a minimum of RM20-30 a day If you wish to rent vans, cars. or motorcycles for your personal use, ensure that the vehicles are insured and that you have a valid driving license.
It is said that driving in Langkawi can be dangerous, not because of traffic but due to wandering water buffaloes and cows, especially at night!
So, drive carefully and enjoy the good roads and scenic beauty the island has to offer.

Car Rental
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Taxis and Buses
Taxis and buses are freely available, but ensure that you use only the licensed taxis identifiable by their yellow roof sign. It would also be wise to check taxi-fares at the terminals to prevent your being overcharged as charges are not metered.

Taxi Fares
The following are the official rates, as published by the Ministry of Tourism:-

From Kuah To -->
From Sheraton Perdana To -->
From Seaview Hotel To -->
From Airport To -->
From Holiday Villa To -->
From Pelangi Beach Resort To -->
From Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort To -->

Mengelilingi Langkawi (Island Tour)

I.   Teksi (4 person)

1st 3Hour RM60 (extra 1hour RM15)

II.  Teksi Van (6 person) 

1st 3Hour RM70 (extra 1 Hour RM20)

III. Teksi Van (11 person)

  1st 3Hour RM120 (extra 1 Hour RM25)

Nota : Nama Syarikat
Persatuan Tuan Empunya Dan
Pemandu Kereta Sewa Langkawi (1984)
No. 13, Bangunan Cempaka 07000 Kuah, Langkawi.
Tel : 04-966 3975(Pejabat)





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